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Heater for Heat Transfer Fluids
Type WTE
Thermal Fluid Heaters WTE can be applied in many different fields of high temperature heating e. g.
all forms of appliances, textile machines, autoclaves, vessels, machines or buildings.


The heat carrier is pumped in a
forced circulation - closed circuit - through the heater, the heat
consumers and the connecting pipes. As a result of this system, a
defined heat exchange is
obtained on all points of the heating surface. The WTE is a
tube boiler which is suitable for
heating of
all kinds of heat transfer fluids on mineral or synthetic base.

Design and Construction
The WTE is designed as a 3-pass boiler in vertical or horizontal design. The heating surface
consists of two tube cylinders mounted in the gastight boiler casing.
The flue gas is carried in the 3rd pass.

The connection of the cylinders is effected by flow and return collectors. The
large dimensions
of the combustion chamber
ensures perfect burning conditions and best results in waste gas.

As the parts of the vessel with contact to the flue gas are cooled down - only parts are insulated
with special creep-resistant insulation - fire resistant bricking is not necessary.
Operation at ca.
300°C is effected close to atmospheric pressure, at max. 400 °C with an
operating pressure of ca. 12 bar.

Due to operation with common heat transfer fluids WTE are
not subject to any corrosion
caused by the heat carrier.

Each WTE is
equipped with flow control and safety device system controlling the volume flow.
Thereby damage of the heat carrier and heater is impossible.

We can supply thermal fluid heaters WTE in
horizontal or vertical design:

horizontal design
- low costs for maintenance. Burner and fittings can
  be reached easily.

- low total height of construction. The WTE in
  horizontal design can be installed in rooms with
  low roofs.
vertical design
- permanent degassing
of heat
  transfer fluid. The gas bubbles are
  drifting from the heated to the

- colder parts of the tube - therefore an
  excellent heat transfer is guaranteed.
  The flow follows the  buoyancy.

All types can be obtained in two most
common temperature ranges
dt 25°C
and dt 40°C.

WTE thermal fluid heaters can be either fuelled
- directly by the use of light fuel oil, coal, biomass, all sorts of gas orelectrical resistance heating
- indirectly by liquids, waste gas, waste heat or steam.

Delivery Standard, Module Design and Accessories
Depending on customer's demands we can deliver the components of WTE in single pieces,
module design or mounted in standard containers.

Calculation of construction, selection of materials and equipment of WTE heater for heat
transfer fluids acc.
TRB - german technical regulations for pressure vessels, after 30.05.2002 on
request also acc. PED 97/23/EC.

Manufacturing and pressure test of WTE under supervision of
TÜV Sueddeutschland,
additional calculations and acceptance of construction by foreign supervision
organizations like e. g. Stoomwezen, Vincotte etc. on request.

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