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Construction and Manufacturing

Calculation of construction, selection of materials and equipment acc. TRB/TRD - german technical
regulations for pressure vessels or acc. PED Pressure equipment Directive 97/23/EC.
Manufacturing and pressure tests under supervision of TUEV Sueddeutschland, additional
calculations and acceptance by foreign supervision organizations like e. g. Stoomwezen, Vincotte etc.
on request.

The constructions, technique and patents are well-established for decades. The equipment, control
and safety devices are improved permanently and conformed to customer's demand. We offer a modern
and wide rage of products. The components and equipment like armatures, control and safety devices,
switchboard etc. are on the highest technical standard.

We dispose of national and international capacities for manufacturing with registrations acc.
HP0/TRD 201/DIN EN 729-3, LRS, UDT etc.



The production sites dispose of modern equipment and machinery for steel processing, tube and sheet
bending machines, cranes etc.