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Co-Generation with Biomass
- The Energy Source for the Future -
  • CO2 neutral emissions
  • wood or wood waste - a cheap biomass to produce energy
  • module systems provide the energy on location where needed
  • low costs for wiring
    our module systems enables combination with local-built components -
    reducing costs for the investment.
  • automatic control minimizing the operation costs
  • government subventions for investment and electric power

Example for GTA Standard Size Co-Generation:
- electric capacity: 2.6 MW
- wood consumption: 4400 kg/h or 18 m³/h
- electric power for: 1000 civil buildings
- energy producers
- wood industry and saw mills
- furniture industry
- particel board industry
- waste wood disposal industry
The GTA-System:
The system consists of four modules:
1. The hot gas generator, burning the wood with high efficiency.
2. A steam boiler with economizer, producing a maximum of steam.
3. The vacuum turbine converting a maximum of electric capacity.
4. Special waste-gas cleaning system guarantees a minimum of pollution for the atmosphere.

Function of the GTA-system:
From a storage system with letter frame the wood or wood waste will be transported automatically
to the hot gas generator, transferring hot gas at 900°C to the steam boiler. In the steam boiler
the hot gas produces steam with 28 bars, superheated to 350°C. The turbine has an electrical
output of 2.6 MW per hour. The hot gas is leaving the steam boiler at 200°C to the waste-gas
cleaning system and will cleaned to the standards demanded by local authorities.