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Hot Gas Generator with Thermal Fluid Heater

The GTA hot gas generators with thermal fluid heaters are used in various manufacturing processes
in the particel board, MDF and OSB industries. In the wood industries more and more hot gas
generators with thermal fluid heaters are used for dryers and heating processes. The solid fuel
consists of wet bark, saw dust, sander dust and wood waste.


GTA plants for hot gas generation are equipped with
GTA pusher grates. The burning chambers are total
refractory lined.


The GTA thermal fluid heater is
installed parallel to the hot gas
generator. The hot gas outlet
proceeds in two directions:
one to the thermal fluid heater, the
other one to the air/hot-gas
mixing chamber.

In the mixing chamber the temperature
drops down to a suitable
temperature for the chip dryer. The
hot gas for the thermal fluid heater
passes first a vertical radiation part
and after the convection part with
automatic cleaning system.

The cleaning system consist of air or steam loaded soot blowers.

The complete hot gas generation plant operates automatically and is
controlled and monitored by PLC system.

Delivery range, module systems and accessories
On customers request we deliver plant components in single parts or in module design.
Each plant is designed individual individually but with proved and tested standard modules.
To reduce investment costs for the installation of the hot gas generator
components can produced at site.