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High Pressure Boilers
Type NCB
Natural Circulation Boiler upto 100 bar operation pressure

High Pressure Natural Circulation Boilers NCB are applicable for high temperature heating
processes, especially in Vegetable Oil Industry.
In comparison to thermal oil heaters,
contamination of the heated medium in case of
leakage is
impossible with the NCB-system.

         Typical Fields of Application
- Food Industry
 e. g. for edible oil desodorizers and
   for the fabrication of magerine and fats.


Features of the NCB boiler
  • high efficiency on the optimized convection surface.
  • no bushings in the tube system. This provides safe natural circulation in every
    operating status.
  • tube system is mounted stress-free and gas tight.
  • transport of NCB can be effected for smaller types in standard containers-even the largest standard model.
The NCB is a natural circulation steam generator at which the heat consumers are
connected through a closed steam-condensate system
. Therefore the heat consumers
have to be located above
the NCB with a slight lateral move. By this a steam-condensate
system will be built, at which the condensate flows to the NCB with particular slope.
connecting steam and condensation piping forms part of the hermetic system and
design and selection of materials must be in accordance with
the regulations for steam boilers.

The design of the
mountings, fittings and the safety valve is also vacuum tight. Because
of the sealed system there's no risk of corrosion by ambient air entering the system.
This means
less costs for maintenance.

Due to the absolute pressure and vacuum tight system the NCB has to be filled with special
feedwater only once -
operation is guaranteed for months and years without refilling.

Natural Circulation Boiler NCB is designed as 3 pass boiler in vertical design. The
heating surface consists of two tube cylinders connected in parallel design.

Delivery Standard and Accessories

Delivery of NCB including the following equipment and accessories:
3 pass vessel coated with heat insulation of mineral wool and cladded by structured
aluminium sheet.
- all necessary fittings and mountings
- high pressure 3-piston plunger pump
with V-belt drive in module design
- burner:
gas, oil or dual fuel burners with design test of world-wide operating manufacturers.

The accessories are already mounted and pre-wired ready for operation -
if allowed by transport sizes.

Calculation of construction, selection of materials and equipment of NCB natural circulation
boiler acc.
TRD - german technical regulations for steam boilers, after 30.05.2002 on
request also acc. PED 97/23/EC.

Manufacturing and pressure test of NCB under supervision of
TÜV Sueddeutschland,
additional calculations and acceptance of construction by
foreign supervision
organizations like e. g. Stoomwezen, Vincotte etc. on request.